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Fourth and final spin-off Holiday Special (subtitled 'Summer Collection!') from the 1980s anarchic UK kids comic, Oink!

Mostly reprint of old material, the only new items are the centrespread story (entitled 'Summer Collection!') involving aliens trying to collect the Oink! gang, and the two strips by Steven Smith ("Frisby" and "The Bores").

Cover: Patrick (The Oink! Crew)

  • Tom Thug (Lew Stringer)
  • Rotten Rhymes (Howard Osborn - Davy Francis)
  • Tommy Tyre - He Gets Around (Howard Osborn - Mike Green)
  • Uncle Pigg (Mark Rodgers - Ian Jackson)
  • Freddie Flop - He Falls to Pieces (Charlie Brooker)
  • The Torture Twins (David Haldane)
  • Vernon the Vet (Wilkie)
  • The Skool Holliday ov Hadrian Vile (aged 8 5/8) (Mark Rodgers - Ian Jackson)
  • The Weightlifter (Lew Stringer)
  • Billy's Brain (David Haldane)
  • Horace (Ugly Face) Watkins (Tony Husband)
  • Oink's Holiday Hints (art: Mike Green)
  • Frisby (Steven Smith)
  • No News is Good News (Tony Husband - Chas Sinclair)
  • Five Little Aliens (Mark Rodgers - Les 'Lezz' Barton)
  • Oink's Holiday Survival Kit
  • The Sad Princess and the Foolish Prince
  • Hugo the Hungry Hippo (David Haldane)
  • The Incredible Hedgehogboy (art: Ian Knox)
  • Anniversary of Horror (Tony Husband - Les 'Lezz' Barton)
  • Zoo Town (David Haldane)
  • Sammy the Steam Engine (Thomas the Tank Engine parody) (art: Shephard)
  • Lattie the Wonder Pig (Tony Husband - Chas Sinclair)
  • Frank Sidebottom- Frank's Fantastic Oink! Page (Chris Sievey)
  • Pete and his Pimple (Lew Stringer)
  • Zoo Town (David Haldane)
  • Roger Rental - He's Completely Mental (Howard Osborn - Ian Knox)
  • Prime Monster (Dave Jones)
  • The Amazing Crablad (Tony Husband - Ian Knox)
  • Doctor Mad - Stark Raving - He's Bonkers! (Davy Francis)
  • Rotten Rhymes (Davy Francis)
  • GBH Collectors' Corner
  • Uncle Pigg and Pals in...'Summer Collection' (Patrick Gallagher)
  • Horace (Ugly Face) Watkins (Tony Husband)
  • Ghost-Pigs in the Sky! (photo strip)
  • Uncle Pigg (Mark Rodgers - Ian Jackson)
  • Hey! Do You Need a Hobby? (Lew Stringer)
  • Rubbish Man - The Movie (David Haldane)
  • Daft Dog (Tony Husband)
  • Tearaway Tortoise (Tony Husband)
  • Infamous Failures of Aviation (Lew Stringer - Mike Higgs)
  • Sparrows and Hammiezons (art: Chas Sinclair)
  • Around the World with 80 Zits: The Cure (Lew Stringer)
  • Barrington Bosh in Cowpat County (Ian Knox and Davy Francis)
  • Freddie Flop - He Comes to Pieces! (Charlie Brooker)
  • You are the Referee (Mark Rodgers - Chas Sinclair)
  • Superham (Mark Rodgers - Ron Tiner)
  • Uncle Pigg (Mark Rodgers - Ian Jackson)
  • Harry the Head - Harry the Horror-Head (Marc Riley)
  • Doctor Mooney - He's Completely Loony! (Marc Riley)
  • Dead Fred (Wilkie)
  • Puzzles (Ed McHenry)
  • The Bores in 'Uninvited Guest' (Steven Smith)
  • Specky Hector's Guide to Comic Collecting (Lew Stringer)
  • The Message (Tony Husband - Chas Sinclair)
  • Tom Thug in Blackpool (Lew Stringer)
  • Torture Twins (David Haldane)
  • Greedy Gorb (Howard Osborn - Davy Francis)
  • Peak Performance (art: Mike Green)
  • How Radio Sound Effects are Produced
  • Michael and his Magic Fish
  • Barney Banimal's Invisible Animals! (photo strip)
  • The Sekret Diary of Hadrian Vile - aged 8 5/8 (years) (Mark Rodgers - Ian Jackson)
  • Androcles and the Lion (art: Mike Green)
  • Tarzipan of the Apes (Davy Francis)
  • The Hold-up (backcover) (Mark Rodgers - Ian Jackson)

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