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Tie-in annual for the popular UK 1980s kids comic, Oink!

Cover: Uncle Pigg clay model

  • Inside front cover: Ian Jackson (Uncle Pigg/Mary Lighthouse)
  • Burp (Banx)
  • Dumb Old Duck and Goopy (Mark Rodgers - Swoffs)
  • GBH Book Club (photo page)
  • Hadrian Vile's interleckshual guide to Nacheral Histry (Mark Rodgers - Ian Jackson)
  • Fun-Hour (Playhour cover parody) (Mark Rodgers - Swoffs)
  • Georgie and Zip's Party
  • Postman Fat and his slightly flat cat
  • Places to go - At the Library (photo strip)
  • Play and Learn with Aunty Enid
  • Harry the Head's Fun Hour Frolic
  • Uncle Pigg reveals some...Facts of Life! (Mark Rodgers - Ian Jackson)
  • Star Truck II - The Search for Sock (Chapter 1) (photo strip)
  • Tom Thug (Lew Stringer)
  • Weedy Willy (Mark Rodgers - Mike Green)
  • Nigel and Skrat the 2-Headed Rat (Noel Ford)
  • Pigg Tale - Stage-Struck! (Mark Rodgers - Mike Green)
  • Star Truck II - The Search for Sock (Chapter 2) (photo strip)
  • Welcome to the Cowpat County Annual Fair (Mark Rodgers - Davy Francis)
  • Harry the Head (Marc Riley)
  • The Truth About Santa (Lew Stringer - Kevin O'Neill)
  • Star Truck II - The Search for Sock (Chapter 3) (photo strip)
  • Greedy Gorb (Mark Rodgers - Davy Francis)
  • Eric Knicker - The Whacky Vicar! (Tom Paterson)
  • Zoo Town Party (David Haldane)
  • Ham Dare - Pig of the Future (Lew Stringer - Malcolm Douglas 'J.T.Dogg')
  • Deano - Dennis the Pensioner (Tony Husband - Les 'Lezz' Barton)
  • Deano - Desperate Old Man (Tony Husband - Ed McHenry)
  • Deano - The Lash St. Old People (Tony Husband - Les 'Lezz' Barton)
  • Deano - Minky the Minks (art: John Geering)
  • Deano - De Tree Bears (art: John Geering)
  • Deano - Little (Old) Glum (art: John Geering)
  • Deano - Bodger the Dodger (art: John Geering)
  • Deano - Boffo the Bore
  • The Zits (Dave Follows)
  • Maggie Pie - Collector of Weird Things (Tony Husband - Clive Collins)
  • Kid Gangster (Tony Husband)
  • Eval McKneval - Scottish Stuntman! (G. Exton - Dave Follows)
  • Pete's Pimply Puzzles (Lew Stringer)
  • Frank Sidebottom - Frank's 1/2 page (Chris Sievey)
  • Billy Bang (Wilkie)
  • Bogey Rules OK! (Les 'Lezz' Barton)
  • Hugo the Hungry Hippo (David Haldane)
  • Doctor Mooney - He's Complete Loony! (Marc Riley)
  • The Revolt of the Sweet Little Cuddly-Wuddly Soft Toys (Dave Jones)
  • Frank Sidebottom - Little Frank's Half Page (Chris Sievey)
  • Herbert of the Rovers
  • Hyperactive Harriett - Fastest Girl in the World! (Mark Rodgers - Les 'Lezz' Barton)
  • Star Truck II - The Search for Sock (Chapter 4) (photo strip)
  • Psycho Gran (David Leach)
  • Billy's Brain (David Haldane)
  • James Bong in 'Always is not Forever' (Mark Rodgers - TT)
  • Police Vet (Mark Rodgers - Wilkie)
  • Ena Blighty's - Five Go Adventuring Yet Again (Mark Rodgers - Chas Sinclair)
  • Horace (Ugly Face) Watkins (Tony Husband)
  • Pigswilla and the monstrous menace of...The Snowman of Doom! (Lew Stringer)
  • Hector Vector and his Talking T-Shirt (Banx)
  • The Uninvited Stranger (text story)
  • Star Truck II - The Search for Sock (Chapter 5) (photo strip)
  • The Monster's Revenge (Mark Rodgers - Steve Gibson)
  • Mary Lighthouse (Mark Rodgers - Ian Jackson)
  • Roger Rental - He's Completely Mental (Mark Rodgers - Ian Knox)
  • Nasty Laffs and Specs (Tony Husband)
  • Frank Sidebottom - Frank's Fantastic Colour in Page 69 (Chris Sievey)
  • Star Truck II - The Search for Sock (Chapter 6 - the final chapter) (photo strip)
  • Mister Big Nose (Banx)
  • Hadrian Vile's interleckshual guide to Nacheral Histry (Mark Rodgers - Ian Jackson)
  • Rubbish Man - The Man Who Had Power over Hedgehogs (David Haldane)
  • The Zits (Dave Follows)
  • Horace (Ugly Face) Watkins - Horace's Scrapbook (Tony Husband)
  • MANK (MASK parody) (Mark Rodgers - Ron Tiner)
  • Inside back cover: Ian Jackson (Uncle Pigg/Mary Lighthouse)

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