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Anarchic 80s UK kids comic.

Cover: Les 'Lezz' Barton (The Slugs)

  • The Sekret Diary ov Hadrian Vile - aged 8 5/8 (years) (Mark Rodgers - Ian Jackson)
  • The Slugs (Tony Husband - Les 'Lezz' Barton)
  • Horace (ugly face) Watkins (Tony Husband)
  • Mary Lighthouse (Mark Rodgers - Ian Jackson)
  • Pete and his Pimple (Lew Stringer)
  • Zoo Town (David Haldane)
  • Butcherwatch update (Banx)
  • Tom Thug (Lew Stringer)
  • Torture Twins (David Haldane)
  • Transmogrifying Tracey (Charlie Brooker)
  • Psycho Gran (David Leach)
  • Nutty New Year's Resolutions (Mark Rodgers - Patrick)
  • Billy Bang (Charlie Brooker - Wilkie)
  • Harry the Head (Marc Riley)
  • centrespread poster - Rubbish Man's New Year Party (David Haldane)
  • The Tale of Wee Jimmy Riddle (art: Mitch)
  • Old Father Time (Simon Thorpe)
  • Short-Sighted Gordon the Traffic Warden (Howard Osborn - Mike Green)
  • Barrington Bosh - he's incredibly posh (Keith Forrest - Ian Knox)
  • Greedy Gorb - he'd eat anything! (Davy Francis)
  • Mister Big Nose (Banx)
  • Closer Encounters! (Tony Husband)
  • Frank Sidebottom - Frank's Telescope (Chris Sievey)
  • The Swinelight Zone (Charlie Brooker)
  • D.J.Dudley Dull (Mark Burton - David Leach)
  • Doctor Mooney - hes completely loony! (Marc Riley)
  • Burp (Banx)
  • The Squeakualiser (Charlie Brooker)
  • Weedy Willy (Howard Osborn - Mike Green)
  • Rotten Rhymes (Charlie Brooker)

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