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Brief History

After many failed attempts to abduct Professor X by the Factor Three, the so called team, consisting of Ogre, Mastermind, Blob, Unus, Banshee, Vanisher, and Mutant-Master, went their separate ways. When this happened, Ogre remained at their base, Mt. Charteris, and awaited the team's return. Although many groups, such as SHIELD, Masters Of Evil, and the Secret Empire adopted Mt. Charteris as their place of residence, Ogre remained there, hiding and stealing food from the unweary intruders. Ogre remained in hiding until the Masters of Evil imprisoned Moonstone. Ogre saw this as being a barbaric and unreasonable act, so he came out of hiding and freed the imprisoned Moonstone. After the Masters of Evil left Mt. Charteris, the Thunderbolts moved in. Ogre remained in hiding, but watched the reformed team closely. He soon decided that he enjoyed the Thunderbolts being there, and began making weapons and protective technology pieces for the team and leaving them in the open when no one was around. After finding many gifts from Ogre, the Thunderbolts began to wonder where they were coming from. When the team's curiosity got the best of them, they began setting traps for Ogre. Although all the traps were well set, Ogre evaded all of them. But when Atlas openly told the mysterious Ogre that the team in fact appreciated the gifts, Ogre willingly emerged from hiding and introduced himself. After Hawkeye ran a background check of Ogre, he invited the man to work as the technical engineer for the Thunderbolts, in which Ogre eagerly accepted. After many exciting events with the Thunderbolts, Ogre was eventually captured by SHIELD and was interrogated for prior events that he took part in with the Factor Three involving Humus Sapien. After telling SHIELD everything he knew, Humus Sapien was sentenced to exile on a distant planet due to his killing of innocents. Feeling that the boy's exile was his fault, Ogre ultimately jumped into the portal before it closed behind Humus Sapien to join the boy in his lonely exile. Ogre has not as yet made his return to Earth-616.

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