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Officer ZERO is a robot with the acronym that stands for Zero Enforcement Response Option and created by Doctor Thomas Rizzo. Officer ZERO is a mobile assault unit equipped with a cerebral implant that receives a constant feed of impressions and information from the cerebral cortex of his inventor, Rizzo. Thomas Rizzo created Officer ZERO after his older brother, Daniel lost his life in the line of duty. Officer ZERO demonstrated some of his abilities inside of a lab with Shelly Conklin and Lieutenant Stone of Code Blue present. Code Blue was tagged to conduct ZERO's first initial field test where they wanted to observe how ZERO would respond to plainclothes officers in various test scenarios. However ZERO refused to follow orders when it used its hypersensitive audio system to discover some criminals purchasing weapons. ZERO refused to pull back and launched his grenade launcher at the building behind the thugs and some of the debris crushed them. Officer Rassitano lashed out at ZERO and called it a disgrace to the police force. ZERO responded with a powerful backhand and called Rassitano a dirty cop. Mother Majowski and Dr. Rizzo were inside a van observing the situation when ZERO got out of hand and turned on Code Blue. Mother realized that Rizzo's brother Daniel used to be Rassitano's partner and he had a deep resentment towards cops after his brother was accused of being a dirty cop from Internal Affairs and after his death. ZERO had a wounded Lieutenant Stone in his clutches when Rizzo decided to shoot himself in order to stop his creation's violent rampage.


Officer ZERO was created by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz and Al Milgrom in 1994 and first appeared in Thunderstrike # 8.

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