longbowhunter's Officer Downe #1 - Tough Shit review

Officer Downe one-shot

So I passed this up Wednesday when I went comic book shopping. Over the weekend I went back to pick up a few things and blow a little more money and this just kept catching my eye. Lets face it $5 is alot to spend on a comic your unsure of regardless of its page girth. So I hand it over to my 9 year old son to flip through and ask him to make the call. He seemed really tickled by it, so I gave it a shot. I've gotta say I'm not sorry I bought this. This guy gives RoboCop a run for his money. Officer Downe is a story of a perpetually ressurected LAPD beat cop who's only purpose is to take down the low lifes infesting the city. Chris Burnham's art is really amazing and I've gotta' say, was the real driving force in this comic. His attention to every gory little detail has to be seen to be believed. I would almost rate this up there with one of Images all time best one-shots, The Pro! I'm anxious to see if Casey and Burnham do anything else with this character. While Officer Downe may not have  been quite as narratively satisfying  as some of the other comics this week, I still think we've got a winner. So in the immortal words of ABBA "Take a chance on Me"!
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Posted by Silkcuts

I think I should check this book out, I don't read much Joe Casey.

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