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Very little is known about the young man known as Off-Ramp before joining the new superhero group known as Young Heroes.

When we first saw Off-Ramp it was in the DC House Ads for the Young Heroes In Love title. All the young heroes in the ad had captions that said which hero each character was in love with… all except for Off-Ramp - where the caption read "You don't want to know what Off-Ramp loves… " - That was the first clue.

Ultimately Off-Ramp confessed his attraction to Frostbite - and Frostbite, bisexual slut-whore that he is, was happy to hear it. The series was canceled before we ever saw the two "get it on" - but in a future scenario, we learned that the two had spent several happy years together at some point in their lives, though they eventually separated.

Powers & Abilities

Off-Ramp can create spacial warps that enable him to travel far distances instantly. He can create them big enough for several people to go through - even his car. Using the warps in a special way, he can perform a variety of "tricks" such as reversing someone's direction, and causing his car to "fly" by creating a series of warps through the air. The actual limit to the distance, width, or duration of these warps is not yet known.

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