Odin returning?

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Has anyone heard rumors about Odin returning? Would you like to see Odin return? Or do you favor Balder as leader of Asgard?

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I don't think he'll be returning anytime soon. Thor already had his discussion with Odin, and Odin already accepted that he wouldn't be returning.

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Depends how it's handled, I must admit im curious to how the all father will be developed in this new world and to see if he would have anything to say/ do with Norman after recent events.

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@Voidheart said:
" Odin's going to stay with Bor, Unless "
Don't you mean Surtur? Unless I missed something.
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@~The Wanderer~:  Nope, you do mean Surtur (in their eternal battle). I'm not quite sure where he's getting Bor from (unless he just means technically being deceased). I wonder what Fraction's run will bring with regards to Odin. Like Nobody said, Thor and Odin already spoke, and both acknowledged that Odin will stay and protect the realms from Surtur. But I wonder if something happens and brings them both back at some point.
One thing I would like to see make a return though is the Odin/Thor Force. I wasn't a fan of how it was gotten rid of during JMS' run.
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Well, Odin returned. That's cool.

I wish my dad could return.

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