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Oclin Uwir Prin is a Iridian from the Iridiax sector of Inasis Gorgiin 101001. He is a practitioner and follower of Grand Practitioner Tey. He was one of ten who volunteered to attempt to save the universe from the Uni-Lord by searching another universe for a savior. The trip to another universe was made possible by the creation of the Outrider Symbiots, mechanical beings in which the Practitioners souls were encased. In essence, Oclin gave up his life to become Outrider 111.

Of all the Outriders, Oclin was the only survivor and successfully found a powerful being to help his cause, the Silver Surfer. He planted the information the Surfer needed into his mind and left the Surfer believing that he was dead. But unknown to all including the Surfer was that Oclin's soul was lingering inside of him.

The Surfer soul was taken in by one of the Uni-Lord's Blackbodies and made a member of his Congregation of Finality. But the fact that the Surfer was not the last of his kind and the interferance of Oclin made them able to resist becoming one with the Congregation. This disturbed the Uni-Lord, who expelled the Surfer and replaced him with Pradda Fol.

Pradda Fol was also an Iridian and Oclin was able to combine with him as well, still in secret. This weakened the Uni-Lord who began to assimilate all worlds. The prayers of millions overran the Congregation and caused it to collapse and the Uni-Lord was soon defeated by the Silver Surfer. This caused those in the Congregation to pass on, including Oclin who helped make it all possible.

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