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Ocelot was a homeless woman, when she was kidnapped and put through an experiment of mixing humans and animals by Doctor Slayton. The experiments were executed without anesthetics under the orders from Duncan. She was meant to shift from human to animal form at will, but her human side was too strong and she repressed the animal side. She was put through torture and mind control to make her the weapon they wanted her to be, but all in vain. Finally she escaped.


Ocelot was created by Ron Wilber, who wrote and draw her in her first appearance in Ocelot #1.

Major Story Arcs

After Ocelot had escaped the lab, she started using her abilities as a crime fighter. When she was on a Trauma killings case, she again met her old friend Puma, a fellow experiment. Puma joked that he wanted to take her back to the lab and that sparked painful memories in Ocelot. But Puma had a message, that Duncan knew about the Trauma killings. They shared an intimate moment together. After that Ocelot suggested that Puma also escape the lab, but Puma rejected. Ocelot then visited Duncan and learned of Trauma's origin. Ocelot got all the info she needed and went to look for Trauma, but was too late, he had killed another victim and several policemen, who tried to stop him. Ocelot again met with Puma and Duncan, who informed her of Trauma's location. Ocelot realized that it was a trap after she she found Trauma. When Ocelot saw woman killed by Trauma, she transformed into her furred look. But it was not enough and she was knocked out. Police arrived and chased Trauma away, one detective brought Ocelot to his place so, she could rest. But ocelot had trouble sleeping. Then Trauma kidnapped the detective and Puma arrived. They again had an intimate moment, during which Ocelot noticed a ring on Puma's finger. puma then revealed that He was made an addict and it made him betray Ocelot. Ocelot then ran away from Puma to save the detective. She still wasn't able to defeat Trauma, but Puma came to her rescue, he offered the data ring to Duncan in exchange of Ocelot's freedom. Duncan agreed, but shot Puma. This triggered another change in ocelot and she was returned to her human form. She then pushed Trauma into a chemical vat, and it killed him. Puma who still was alive lounged at Duncan and they too fell into the same chemical vat. Ocelot was sad for Puma's fate, and felt alone in the world.

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