New 52 Ocean Master Respect Thread

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Uses his lightning on Batman
Uses his control over water to incapacitate Wonder Woman
His Trident can generate lightning and he states that his crown can control the Ocean; he also tanks a punch from Aquaman after Aquaman embarrassed Superman
Which he later demonstrates by Curb stomping Superman, Wonder Woman and his Brother Aquaman
As he stated before he can control water (unlike Aquaman, maybe due to his full Atlantean heritage?)
Leader of a formidable Army ( Although it's not much of a feat but it's still awesome)

That's all I've got for now but I will be updating it when he makes more appearances

P.S if anybody wants me to make more New 52 respect thread, Ii can. I pretty much picked up every issue from every series since the relaunch

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About damn time Orm looked impressive. I've always found him underwhelming.

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@BlackWind:Same, the pre-52 version was a chump

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@dondave: I'm appreciating Orm as a schemer and manipulator, that's how I think he should be. But I've always found him less impressive tgan he should be. I wonder if his weapons are Atlantean tech?

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Woah! He looks like a total badass!

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WHOA. I have little to no knowledge of Ocean Master but dammit, my respect level for this guy has just increased significantly. I shall now move on to researching on him as much as possible.

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He also tanked a punched from Aquaman, which is impressive and indicative of his more physical attributes.

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@comicfan11: oh my bad

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@dondave: lol. No problem. Great job on the thread
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@comicfan11: Didn't even Vulko get a good hit on Superman? Geoff Johns is doing well to show Atlanteans are strong!

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Atlanteans are a big threat in the NuDCU

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ocean master is a beast hes my favorite nxt to general zod nobody can mess with icean master he has lightning and he as strong aquaman

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Really cool character, I hate how he looses this fight though.

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A selfie of Ocean Maser. I love Paul Pelletier's art here, very precise. The also compliments his sketch quite nicely.

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Really enjoyed reading Throne of Atlantis and Orm was written and drawn awesomely! Ivan Reis really excels in his large group shots but that one of Orm coming out of the sea to confront the JL and declare war? Amazing.

Ocean Master has a clear MO and is a great addition to the new 52. Plus they finally made him look cool - his reverse Aquaman/King of Atlantis outfit looks great.

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Orm gives hope that Aquaman's Rogue gallery will only keep getting better.

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Ocean Master has been handled very well in the DCnU 52. I like his new look and personality, and his powerset makes him quite formidable. I hope that he can continue to be portrayed well and that he doesn't get jobbed out later on down the line. His love for Atlantis seems genuine and I'm glad he is no longer some sniveling schemer but instead an actual warrior king. Plus Ivan Reis makes him look hot:

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Here are some more pics of Ocean Master handling his business. I think his new look as well as his new persona is definitely an improvement over what we had before. I really hope that Ocean Master becomes a major player within the DCnU 52, as either a villain or hero. As long as he continues to be written well I want to see more of him. I love that he wasn't afraid to attack Boston, Gotham, or Metropolis all at once and did it without even blinking an eye. I also want more political stories involving him. Maybe he can interact with other world leaders like Gorilla Grodd or Geo-Force.

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i wish he had his own series

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