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Night of the Owl (22 pages)

Dr. Adam Spektor's cousin, Anne Sara, encounters the ghost of her father on the grounds of Spektor Manor just as she is attacked by a mysterious owl-like creature. The lights of Dr. Spektor's car, returning from investigating a fraudulent haunting, drive the creature away. Anne relates to Spektor and his secretary, Lakota Rainflower, how her father, Burton Sara, had been depressed at her mother's death and had begun dabbling in the occult before disappearing in a terrific explosion. One of the books Burton had used was The Demonomicon. Producing his own copy of the arcane text, Dr. Spektor identifies the owl-man as the destructive demon Andras, who has been on a rampage of destruction.

After failing to contact Burton Sara at a seance, Spektor's friend Elliott Kane theorizes that Burton may not actually be dead, but merely trapped somewhere and contacting his daughter via astral projection. Dr. Spektor, Lakota, and Anne encounter the super-hero, the Owl, who has come out of retirement to clear his name, Inspector Frank Sinke and the police department believing the hero to be responsible for Andras's wave of terror. As they drive home, Spektor and the two women are attacked by Andras, who manages to carry Anne off to his treetop lair. Spektor and Lakota meet the Owl again, and the three encounter the specter of Burton Sara, who tells them that Anne is alive and being held in Lion's Woods near the sinister Mount Algol. When Lakota declines to go, Spektor and the Owl rush off to battle Andras.

The duo battle Andras and two hypnotically induced demon owls, until finally Spektor manages to use The Demonomicon to drive the demonic Andras out. Spektor and the Owl are surprised when Andras, rather than vanishing into the afterworld, takes on the human form of Burton Sara. Burton explains that he had tried to raise the demon to resurrect his wife, but had instead been possessed by the demon. Burton and Anne say they are going to do some traveling together to make up for lost time, while the Owl says he has enough evidence to clear himself with the police.

In an epilogue, Dr. Spektor goes back to Spektor Manor to share the news of his triumph with Lakota. Lakota is gone, however, and Spektor finds only a note from her telling him she can no longer share his life, and that this is good-bye. Heartbroken, Spektor crumples the note.

Notes: Lakota's farewell note to Adam is left with a tomahawk as a paperweight!

This issue also features a one-page text feature on the Owl, in which Dr. Spektor theorizes that the Owl is in fact detective Nick Terry. Spektor speculates that Terry somehow acquired a secret to longevity that he was for some reason unable to share with either the 1940s or the 1960s Owl Girl.







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