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Judgment in the Afterworld (22 pages)

The living mummy Ra-Ka-Tep rises from the unused subway tunnels (where he has hidden since The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor #10) and heads to the Marshal Museum of Natural History. At that moment, Dr. Adam Spektor and his secretary Lakota Rainflower are at the museum after hours examining some artifacts that belonged to Ra-Ka-Tep, including his version of the Book of the Dead and the legendary Ankh of Anubis. The mummy crashes into the museum, killing the night guard and attacking Spektor and Lakota. Ra-Ka-Tep seizes the Ankh, which restores his sorcerous abilities. He hypnotizes Lakota, declaring his love for her, and takes her and Spektor with him as he transcends time and space to journey to the Afterworld. The sorcerer explains that they are in the form of their souls, and that their physical bodies are frozen in a moment of time back at the museum, and that he intends to wed Lakota in the kingdom of Re. In theses otherworldly surroundings, Ra-Ka-Tep appears as he did in life, not as a bandaged monster.

Once they reach the Afterworld, Ra-Ka-Tep takes Lakota with him on the Pathway of Peace, while he sets Dr. Spektor on the path through Ro-Setau, a hellish land of horrors and torment. The Doctor's first attempt to escape leads him to a fiery inferno, which could destroy his very soul. Fortunately, he still has the Book of the Dead on him, and he reads the passage that extinguishes the flame. Next, he takes a boat across the Lake of Ro-Setau, where he is attacked by the Guardian of the Lake, a hybrid of ram, crocodile, and man. Spektor manages to repel his attacker, but the Guardian summons demonic snakes, which begin to squeeze the air out of the Doctor. He is rescued by Hathor, daughter of Re, the Sun-God. He tells her of Ra-Ka-Tep's plan, and she offers her assistance, granting Spektor the power of the Eye of Re.

The god Anubis is about to speak the words that will unite Ra-Ka-Tep and Lakota for eternity, when Dr. Spektor enters holding the brilliantly-lit Eye. Spektor persuades Anubis not to sic Amemet the Devourer of the Dead on him long enough to remind the god that Ra-Ka-Tep must pass the test of the Weighing of the Heart. Anubis brings Ra-Ka-Tep's physical body to the Afterworld and weighs his heart against the Feather of Truth. Unfortunately for him, the sorcerer fails the test and his ka is destroyed by Amemet. With her blessing, Hathor returns Spektor and Lakota to the world of the living.

Back in their physical bodies, the two discover that the mummified remains of Ra-Ka-Tep are now but a lifeless husk. On a sunny afternoon, some time later, Spektor and Lakota relate their tale to the Doctor's cousin Anne Sara, who laughingly dismisses the story as fantasy.

A Tour of Spektor Manor (1 page text feature)

Adam Spektor describes some of the history and features of his home, including his laboratory, library, and a secret room containing the mystic Lobrostone.

Final appearance: Ra-Ka-Tep







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