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Oberon is the most powerful of all The Children of the The Third race (Elves). He rules the mystical land Avalon. He possesses godlike powers and resides in Otherworld. Faeries are also in-tuned to the zeitgeist of the the United Kingdom, and the shifts in attitudes in recent times coupled with Oberons lost of his wife Titania would result in a imbalance in his thinking and attitude. Many faeries would also begin to assail mortals in the adjacent Earth realm, prompting Oberon to kidnap a child from the British parliament to be raised in Otherworld to eventually become a bridge between the two worlds, being of both faery and human raising. MI13 would take issue with this sending a group of agents including Pete Wisdom and Oberons own daughter Tink to negotiate. A compromise would be reached and Oberon would go on to occasionally provide important aid to the MI13 and Britain.


Oberon is a Marvel comic book character that first appears in Wisdom #1 released in 2008.

Powers and Abilities

Oberon possesses superhuman strength, enhanced speed, and durability. Oberon possesses skills and abilities in mystics and magics. A fairy, Oberon possesses many of the powers inherent to faeries such as wing manifestation, and size shaping. Oberon can manipulate weather, possesses limited telepathic and empathic abilities, and can teleport.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 15'4"
  • Weight: 990 lbs.
  • Eyes: Gold
  • Hair: Black

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