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Oberon, Back Stage

Oberon was a young orphan who lost his family in a fire. He struggles trying to find a home when he is taken in with a traveling circus. He works for the ring master who abuses him and uses him for menial labor. At the circus he meets an escape artist by the name of Thaddeus brown. Thaddeus Brown is the original Mister Miracle. Oberon and Thaddeus become friends and Thaddeus gets him out of his bad situation. For the first time since he was a little child young Oberon is happy. Oberon also becomes Thaddeus' assistant and protege. The two of them work hard to make better, more elaborate and exotic escapes.

Their careers are put on hold when Thaddeus goes to Vietnam to find his missing son. Thaddeus had done so much for Oberon that Oberon goes with him to help find his son. The mission to find his son doesn't go well when Thaddeus is killed by and enemy know as Steel Hand. Oberon is devastated.

The Next Mister Miracle

Listening to a Friend

Thaddeus had a friend known as Scott Free who is also an adept escape artist. He takes over for the original Mister Miracle and Scott become the second person to use the persona. Scott helps Oberon find Thaddeus' son and the bring Steel Hand to justice. It is after this that Oberon become the manager of Scott the new Mister Miracle. Scott got his skills on Apokolips. He was being trained from an early age to be a solider but Scott was defiant and only thought of escape. Time after time he would try to escape and time after time he would fail. Eventually, however, he does escape and makes his way to Earth. On Earth Oberon and Scott become good friends.

The relationship Oberon has between the two Mister Miracle are different. When Oberon met the first Mister Miracle he was a young person and Mr. Miracle was like a father two him. When Scott takes over the Mister Miracle persona Oberon is much older and wiser than the young Scott. This time Oberon becomes the father figure in the relationship.

Barda ready to Kick Butt

Scott falls in love and marries Big Barda who is another person who escaped Apokolips. Scott showed her that there was more to life. Barda had been trained to be a Female Fury by Granny Goodness and is an imposing warrior. She is at least a foot taller than Scott and towers over Oberon. they are an unusual looking trio. Barda and Oberon have teasing relationship. They care for each other a great deal but would never let the other one admit it.

Justice League International

The Oberon League

When Mister Miracle joins the Justice League International Oberon and Barda become a part of the team. Barda is not really a member but she is there in some of their adventures. She even helps train Fire when she loses her powers. Oberon works with the team for several years acting as administrator, confidant to the team. Oberon is the guy who gets things done and actually provide a bit of sanity to the group. He works for Maxwell Lord just like the rest of the group. He is like a second in command. If Max is the officer of the group Oberon was the Sargent who served with the troops. He had a foot in both worlds. Oberon builds close relationships with many members of the team, including Blue Beetle, Ice, Martian Manhunter and Maxwell Lord. Oberon typically acted behind the scenes, although he also played a key role in several Justice League conflicts. Notable examples include encountering Darkseid on Apokolips and single-handed defeating a team of miniaturized alien invaders who had already overpowered Booster Gold.

Oberon also has a close relationship with Fire. They have at least one night stand and it is clear that they have some kind of feelings for each other. In an alternate future, they are seen married. Oberon stays with the group even after Scott leaves. All good things, however, come to and end and so did their league. It is when the league makes a big change that Oberon leaves the group and goes back to his Job of managing Scott as Mister Miracle.

Other Media

Oberon talking to Barda

Justice League Unlimited

Oberon has an appearance in the Justice League Unlimited. This is part of the DC Animated Universe (DCAU). He appears in the episode the Ties that Bind he is voiced by Dick Miller. In the episode Oberon is kidnapped by Granny Goodness. With the help of Mister Miracle (Scott Free), Big Barda, Flash, Martian Manhunter and even Kalibak they rescue Oberon before any harm can come to him.

Oberon: Brave & Bold

Batman: the Brave in the Bold

In the Batman: the Brave and the Bold Oberon has a short appearance in the episode The Last Bat on Earth. This time he is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker

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