Did anyone see this

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" />http://www.boingboing.net/Picture%203-36.jpg

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I've seen that a lot as a child. I think Obelix is described as a friendly form of hulk in the wiki. Thats not even barely true beside of the fact that Obelix is insanely strong.

Beside knocking out entire roman legions and collecting their helmets, he is able to pull a chain of ships linked with ropes up the river nile.

Once he ran into a wall of the colosseum by accident (he's not the smartest). It wasnt with force or something but the entire wall collapsed.

He has broken the nose of the Sphinx

His job beside defending his village frome the romian empire is to deliver huge rocks. I really have no idea what the rocks are good for bad in most comics hes carrying one. Sometimes he throws them.

He badly wants to drink more of the magic potion wich made him that strong but hes forbidden to do it.

He has a huge crush on the most beautiful girl in his village. Her name is Falbala and Obelix would do anything she asks for or to rescue her if shes in danger.But hes too shy to tell her. Sadly Falbala friendzones him everytime and marries another man later.

Sources to proof his power are rare and i dont have a scanner or any scans of this. The best I have is some kind of a trailer video of one of the movies. It shows a very little part of his and the magic potions power. I dont understand a word, but Nostalgia FTW

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