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The Oath Rod is a type of ter'angreal called a binding rod, which is used to create binding oaths. It only works on channelers, and must be activated by channeling. When a person swears any oath on the Oath Rod, they are made incapable of knowingly breaking that Oath. The only way to break an Oath sworn on the Oath Rod is to use the Oath Rod to remove that Oath.  
The Oath Rod was created during the Age of Legends. In the modern age it is used by the Aes Sedai of the White Tower when a woman is raised from Accepted to Aes Sedai. On this occasion the woman swears the Three Oaths which all Aes Sedai must swear. The act of swearing on the Oath Rod causes the extended lives of the Aes Sedai to be shortened; they rarely live over four centuries, while channelers who are unbound by the Oath Rod have been known to live much longer. It also causes the ageless faces that are indicative of an Aes Sedai. 

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