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Mistress Nyx was born of an unholy union between the mad-god Chaos and a priestess, Lucretia, making her half human/half demon. Nyx was groomed to be the destroyer of the worlds, to spread the message of violence and despair all in the name of Chaos. As a child, Nyx was thought to hate mankind and everything it stood for despite having human appearance.

Major Story Arcs

An ancient prophecy revealed about a vampiress sent to earth to destroy vampires and demons alike. Nyx in the prophecy was depreciated as the great redeemer for her people who were slain by Vampirella unjustly, and developed a deep hatred towards her. Nyx would vow that she would kill Vampirella. Sure enough this sets a stage for an epic battle between Vampirella and her friends battling Nyx and her horde of demon followers. Nyx would even recruit her lover and lackey Hemorrhage in helping her defeat Vampirella.

Nyx killing Vampirella

In the battle, Nyx wound up killing Adam Van Helsing mercilessly by breaking his neck. With Adam’s death it severely affected Vampirella’s stability when she went up against Nyx. Nyx would use the psychological leverage over Vampirella by impaling her with a trident, which ended up killing Vampirella.

New Utopia

Nyx and Hemorrhage

After Vampirella’s death, Nyx and Hemorrhage wound up staying on earth together to create a utopia where only chaos and despair exist. With Vampirella out of the picture, Nyx helps in releasing all the vampires and demons throughout the Earth to lay waste on mankind and spread her message of evil. However, Nyx and Hemorrhage’s celebration would be cut short when Vampirella would return from her death. Nyx would suffer her first defeat when Vampirella wound up killing her lover, Hemorrhage, forcing Nyx to go into hiding.

Nyx whereabouts are soon discovered in Drakulon where she got the people of Drakulon to turn against Vampirella in retaliation of Lilith, her mother, drying up Drakulon’s river which once flowed with blood. Nyx enlisted Von Kreist's service to lure Vampirella to Drakulon where a vicious mob attacked Vampirella within an inch of her life. Nyx would plan on having Vampirella executed and promised the people of Drakulon that she would save Drakulon from dying. In reality, Nyx all along planned to have both Earth and Drakulon destroyed, thus eradicating both the places that were dear to Vampirella. Adam Van Helsing wound up coming to Vampirella’s aid and helps her escape out of the prison cell where she was held captive by Nyx’s followers.


Vampirella killing Nyx

Vampirella returns to Drakulon with Pantha and the Scarlet Legion to battle Nyx and her army with Vampirella and her allies prevailing in the battle. Nyx dies when the inter dimensional gateway explodes just as she tries to escape to earth. Her limbs were found scattered among the debris.

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