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This is the final installment of the NYX wannabe series and what an ending!

It begins where issue 6 ended, in the apartment of Bobby Soul and Lil Bro. They see the ghost of Kiden Nixons father and he says that because of something bobby did 4 girls (Kiden, Catiana, X-23 and Cameron Palmer) are in grave danger.

Bobby has the ability to project out an astral form at the cost of his memory.

Then we go over to the Flatiron District and Zebra Daddys gang hideout. He is sniffing coke when a load of men walk in. He explains to them that their mission isnt about money or fame but about pride. He gives them a load of guns and announces that it was war.

Over in the Bronx Kiden, X-23, Cameron and Catiana are still living life on the streets. Catiana makes a big deal as she works out that her powers come from animal blood. Cameron walks over to Kiden who is drawing in an old notepad and apologizes for being horrible to her before. Kiden says it was ok but Cameron insists that some of whats happened is her fault.

Over at Camerons apartment, Zebra Daddys gang set up and ask people if theyve seen the four girls. If anyone said no they'de be beaten till they said something. Meanwhile Kiden sees her dead fathers ghost and he tells her to go to Camerons apartment and grab everything they'll need.

After a bit, the 4 girls get to Manhattan and Cameron gets rude to Catiana telling her if she doesnt like what their doing she should go home to her mum. Catiana decides to tag along as her mum was extremely abusive towards her. Over the road Kiden slips something into the post box.

Back at Kidens old house in Essex Street, Alphabet City, her mum is on the phone and the 2 twin brothers are playing. Tyler, Kidens older brother walks in with a black eye from his encounter with Bobby Soul in issue 6. Kidens mum (Elizabeth) new boyfriend walks in and says about how she cant believe shes moving house without Kiden.

Now, this is where the action begins. Back at Camerons apartment, Kiden, X-23 and Catiana wait as Cameron quickly sneaks into her apartment. When she goes in and turns on a light switch she is ambushed by one of Zebra Daddys men. Outside, Kiden says about how Cameron has taken too long and then her fathers ghost appears with Bobby. He says they should leave Cameron and go to Bobbys flat.Then they hear Cameron scream from her apartment and loads more of Zebra Daddys men appear and take away X-23 (Zebra daddys 'boo') but when she gets the chance, X-23 unleashes her claws and rips up Dadds hand. THen, as 2 men go to ambush her she slices them, even chopping one of their heads off. Then Catiana decides someone should save Cameron. She licks up some blood and transformed into a massive panther in human form.she climbed up the wall and just as Cameron falls though the window Catiana grabs her.

Back down on the floor Zebra Daddy grabs a machine gun and says something to X-23.

"Makes it tastier. Stuff legends are made of. Jus' like Romeo and Juliet. Love ya baby. Welcome to my legend."

THen he fires at X-23 before she can react. Kiden can only watch. Then she notices something. X-23 is like her father when he was shot, Kiden is sitting helpless like when her father was shot and Zebra Daddy looked the same as the person who shot him.

Kiden stares at him and whispers "you...." but her thought is broken when Catiana loses her grip of Cameron and Cameron falls. Kiden stops time and says to Daddy that if she punches him in this dimension as hard as she can he'll die. But instead she decides to save Cameron. When time goes normal again X-23 deals the finishing blow to Daddy.

The 4 girls go with Bobby Soul and Kiden says that if it doesnt work she has a contingency plan with the NY postal service. THey go and Kidens fathers ghost appears next to Bobbys lil bro in their apartment. He appears to be solid as he turns off a tv. Then he says that company will be over real soon and dissapears. As he dissapears though his face appears over Lil Bro. THen Lil Bro cries.

Back with Kidens mum and brothers, they move house just as the mail arrives and one of the letters there was from Kiden NIxon.

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