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This is the penultimate issue of the NYX wannabe series. A woman is in the shower and her phone goes off. Suddenly a teenage boy in astral form appears behind her and she passes out. He then returns to his body and answers the phone. It was Zebra Daddy asking for his help and revealing the boys name: Felon. Though the boy hangs up and tries to remember his real name: Bobby Soul. Whenever he uses his astral form he loses his memory.

BAck on the streets of NY, Tatiana is going insane trying to swallow everything thats happened to her and says shed prefer to go home to her abusive mother then go through all this again.

Over at the Flatiron District, Zebra Daddy is with Bobby telling him how much he misses his 'boo' (X-23) and howhe'd give bobby the money to get a new place if he found her. Bobby accepts as he has a younger brother with a disability. He is handed a picture of her and leaves.

Returning to his flat in District X, Manhattan, Bobby feeds his younger brother (Lil Bro) and explains to him thet todays their lucky day. He says that when they get a new place they can get Lil Bro into a clinic and get him walking and talking and everything will be ok. He then says that he could nearly remember someone but is interrupted by a woman who knocks at the door. Its the babysitter. Bobby pays her and leaves.

Going out Bobby meets tanya who now has a massive patch over her eye. He asks her what she knows about the girls and X-23. She hands him an adress but says shes sorry she ever mentioned it. Bobby then heads to Cmas flat which is all sealed up and finds she isnt there. He then masquerades as a student at the school to find out stuff about her. He also sees Kara, Kidens old friend who is now a loner after what happened. He gets all the information he needs.

Back on the streets with the girls, Kiden asks Cam if shes okay and Cam says that no matter how much she tries to convince herself otherwise, she sees everything thats happened to her as Kidens fault and then says she can see why her mothers life is better now she left.

Back with Daddy he is on the phone to a man who gives him info on Kiden nixon. It is revealed to be Kidens older brother Ty. Bobby ppuches him in the face and knocks him out telling him thats what he rgets for being a crappy brother.

Back in his apartment, Bobby cant remember where he got a load of stuff from. Then suddenly he sees Kidens fathers ghost...

thats issue 6 for y'all!

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