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This isssue starts way back when Cam and Kiden found the dead man in X-23s hotel room. A woman outside was actually an assosiate on Zebra Daddy, the man who X-23 worked for. She phoned him to say that X-23 killed him even though she didnt. The womans name is Tanya and she follows the girls round town to keep an eye on them.

Then we get to where the last issue left off, in Camerons apartment where Kiden saw her fathers ghost. He goes to her "get out---get out---- now." They gobut are ambushed bu Daddys gang. This is where X-23 reveals her claws for the first time to save Cam who was defenseless.They gt away just as Zeba Daddy arrives and he stabs tanya in the eye with a needle.

The next day in the Bronx Tatiana witnesses a dog run infront of a car. She makes it calm down and the driver offers his help. She takes it to the vet she volunteers at and gets blood over her hands.

Back with Kiden, X-23 and Cam Kiden is dumpster diving and finds an old burger and tells them its all there is. Then when she goes looking for something better she sees her fathers image again. He tells her to listen carefully...

At the Bronx vocational high school Tatiana apologizes for being late. A boy asks her how she got blood on her hands but she just tells him to shutup. Then suddenly something happens. She begins to see and smells things more and then threw up. When she looked up she had become a werewolf. Runnong from her ex-classmates.Kiden and the others are waiting down Gunhill road because her father said they would see something. They see tatiana running into an alleyway. She has to kill a cat to protect herself as she turns into a massive panther. Only X-23 has the guts to go and help her.

Tatiana comes ut crying and saying "what have i done?"

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