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With a penchant for picking up strays, newcomer Tatiana picks up more than she bargained for when she manifests a striking mutant ability and catches the attention of Kiden's wayward gang. The cast of mutant outcasts grows in the next chapter of Quesada and Middleton's hometown homage to hot dogs, alley cats and misguided youth.


The issue starts outside a bakers shop. A girl finishes work and recieves a load of freshly baked bread for it. She then goes to the grocery and it is revealed that her name is Tatiana. She recieves some vegetables. The at Ferraras fish-shop she gets some fish but doesnt eat it as her family is all vegan. She then walks down the streets whistling and eventualy comes to an abandoned dump where a load of stray cats, dogs and birds live. They all come out and she feed them all with what she recieved from work.

Meanwhile, Kiden, Cam and X-23 are at a restaraunt and Kiden explains her powers and what happened when she ran away. She says she doesnt know how it happens but confesses that whenever she uses it, something bad happens. After the shooting of Cam she ran and lived on the streets and says about how she turned her powers off. She kept it n for a while though and met some homeless kids who watched eachothers backs. She lived with them and said she had never been happier.... until they decided to move on. And it got her thinking about her family.

She travelled back to alphabet city and saw her brother who said since she left their mum found a guy and htings have got better. Kiden decided it was a mistake going home and went back to the streets. Thats when she first saw her dead fathers ghost who told her to find Cam and save her.

Back at the Bronx Tatiana returns home and she has a heck load of pets. Her sister explains her mum has a new boyfriend who works a night-shift. As he hates animals when he walks in Tatianas prized pet- a parrot names Barretta attacked him. Tats mum had a go at her and the couple walked off.

Back at Cams pe, X-23 explains what happened when the man commit suicide. Suddenly Kiden starts going "nononono" and says she can see her father...







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