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This issue starts in Camerron Palmers place. She is Kidens teacher and hasnt got much sleep because of the incident the day before with Kiden and the gang fight at school. She expresses her concern and suspects something happens as she said it was like somehing skipped (Kiden manipulating time).

Back at the NIxon apartment, Kiden is eating alphabet cereal and if you look closely they spell 'kill me'. Tyler starts going on about the incident yesterday but is interrupted when his mum finds a suspicious white powder in his room. Tyler says he can explain but Elizabeth is in no mood for it. She takes the powder and drops it down the toilet. Tyler attacks her but KIden screms saying she just wants the family to be normal for 5 minutes. She then walks to school.

At school Hectors arm is in a cast and hes not happy about it so he bribes a security guard to let him slip something in. Inside the principles office Kiden is asked if she is on drugs because of her behaviour but is eventually let go. Cameron goes after her. Kiden sees Kara and they go to their lesson but see Hector. He opens the package he snuck into school and inside it is.... a pistol.

Cameron finally sees Kiden but Hector fires the bullet. Kiden screams stop it and time stops. The bullet misses her. She touches the gun but it burns her finger, proving that she can feel things in her 'no time' dimension. She accidentally touches Hector and he falls over. Time is reset and the bullet hits someone.... Cameron Palmer.

We then go months into the future at Camerons place. Its a tip and she is now single. THe headmaster walks in and asks her to come back to work but she cant and asks where Kiden is, hinting that maybe kiden ran away or something. The headmaster cant answer and leaves, accidentally knocking over a photo frame. It shatters and makes a noise like a bullet being fired. Cam freaks and shouts at the man to leave.

Later that night someone walks into cameroons flat wearing a hoody to cover their face. They see and empty bottle of vicodin and freak out, immediately running to search for cameron. It is revealed to be Kiden. She finds Cameron in her tub which is half full with blood...

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