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Nutsy Squirrel is an anthropomorphic character by DC Comics. He was co-created in 1946 by Woody Gelman and Irving Dressler. He first appeared i "Funny Folks"  but went on to become a cover feature of "Comics Cavalcade", sharing the position with "Dodo and the Frog" and "Fox and the Crow". They replaced previous features of the title: Flash/Jay Garrick, Green Lantern.Alan Scott and Wonder Woman.  
Nutsy was initially the funny guy in a comedy duo. His straight man was Robert Rabbit. Later the Rabbit was dropped. Nutsy was paired up with "The Professor", a mad scientist. In 1950, "Funny Folks" was renamed to "Hollywood Funny Folks", implying the characters were adapted from animated films. They were not. In 1954, the series was renamed to "Nutsy Squirrel". The series was cancelled in 1957. His classic stories were later included in various reprints but Nutsy has not made a comeback.

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