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In contrast to the distrusting and sometimes harsh Nun of the Above, Nun the Less appears to have a gentler demeanor. When the group is attacked by demons inhabiting the bodies of kids, she is slow to act as she doesn't like the idea of fighting children. She is also likely younger, as David is seen lightly flirting with her and she occasionally makes the same expressions as Catholic Girl. She is a fan of Ronald Colman in 'Lost Horizon,' and is surprised to find David is as well, thinking he was younger than he is due to his looks, again suggesting that she and David are around the same age.
Her power aren't reliant on technology. As the story goes, when she was sixteen years old she ate some bad shrimp, and has been able to shrink at will ever since. 
In addition to her shrinking ability, Nun the Less carries two handguns and a case of Novena Bullets. Each bullet is imbued with the same attributes of the saints depicted on their shell casing. San Miguel bullets are good against hexes, the dead, and magical entities. She always keeps one of her guns loaded with some of the heavy hitters. 

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