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Star Trek Canon Special Note
Not everything listed in the origin is Canon.  That is because only television shows and movies are considered canon.  This being a comic website there are many things here that are not canon.  So unless it is contradicted in film it should be listed as part of the character biography.  
Number One became the first officer of the Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike.  She is a very logical person and a very capable officer.  She was even offered to command the U.S.S. Nelson but turned it down due to her loyalty to Captain Pike.  


Nurse Chapel
The Character of Number One (played by Majel Barrett) was created in the first ever pilot of Star Trek called the Cage.  When the Pilot was viewed it was decided that many changes had to be made.  The decision was made to get rid of the characters of Spock and Number One.  Gene Roddenberry the creator of the show new he could only keep one so he kept Spock and married Majel.  This meant that the character of Spock changed as well.  Spock became much more logical like Number One than he was in the first pilot.  Majel did come back to the show when the second pilot was picked up as the character of Christine Chapel.

Character Evolution

Captain Robbins
Not much was done with the character of Number One after the pilot.  The show was split into two episodes called the Menagerie.  It was not until about three decades later that the character really grew.  In the comic series Star Trek: the Early Years Number One goes on many adventures.  She even gets command of the Excelsior and has Chekhov at the helm.
The most notable change in the character was what her name was.  The television show only referred to her as Number One.  In some comics that is her actual name.  In others it is Eunice Robbins.  According to Gene Roddenberry and the creators that came after only the television shows and movies are considered canon.  So comics and novels can play with these ideas but as far as the shows are concerned her name is Number One.

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