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The man known as Number One  was a high ranking government official who wanted to acquire more power than he already had through the use of captured mutants by channeling their mutant power into a weapon which would cause America's downfall with him rising as its new, undisputed leader. Capturing many mutants, this caused all mutants in America to go on the run. Captain America , the Falcon and the X-Men investigated the disappearances and discovered that the Secret Empire was behind the abductions.When the Secret Empire and Number One invaded the White House, the heroes arrived just in time to stop them and save the captured mutants.The heroes fortunately defeated the Secret Empire, but Number One escaped into the White House. It was Captain America who pursued him, and upon the moment of his final defeat, Number One committed  suicide. When unmasked, he appeared to be Richard Nixon, the President of the United States! This shooked Captain America`s faith in America and caused him to become Nomad, the man without a country .


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