Number of the Beast

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The third and final(?) mini in the WSUs end of the world series has just started. For those of you who read it (who am I kidding, I'm talking to myself here), what did you think? I liked it, thought it was a good set up.

Kinda Spoiler-y Here

Not exactly sure what's going on yet but it seems to be like a weird WSU/Matrix thing going on. A bunch of (at least 666) old or dead characters (some we know, most we don't) have their bodies or whatever's left of them hooked up to machines that put their minds in a fake city where they can relive their glory days, fighting aliens, robots, evil geniuses and whatnot. Doesn't seem like they know it's fake, they're just living their lives. The newest hero (though he hasn't shown up yet) is The High. After his run-in with the Stormwatch storm shield he's basically a puddle of goo, but he's alive and he'll be joining the other heroes sometime soon. Until he gets there though, this story is about The Paladins, the group of heroes that protect this fictional city. They're supposedly "classic" Wildstorm heroes as opposed to the more modern ones we're used to, and they act like it. It's a good intro for them.

I also like the connections in the book. There are references to old events (Change or Die mostly) and the other WSU series that have just finished. Makes it feel like it's all part of the same universe, which is how it should be.

And from the end of the issue...

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@Buckshot: Has this been collected I like to read the entire thing I'm just moving into Wildstorm been always a fan of Marvel but this nice dark theme is really nice
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