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Before the appearance of humankind, a race of winged humanoids known as the S’raphh lived on Earth’s moon. While the race was powerful and pure-hearted, they wondered what the meaning of life really was, just as we humans do now. After contemplating the question they embarked in a space quest to find the true answer. They found nothing more than pain and suffering, and they went on to commit collective suicide in a lava pit on the moon. In their despair and anguish all their souls came together to create the monster know as Null the Living Darkness, who sought to destroy creation. Right after his birth, which took countless centuries, Null targeted the town of Christiansboro, Virginia, which was suffering economic depression. His goal was to destroy all humanity, then move out into space and continue his doctrine of anti-life.

He tormented the town citizens with his supernatural powers, driving almost all of them away, until Gargoyle, the former mayor of Christiansboro, happened to return with Hellcat, Clea, Devil-Slayer and Valkyrie. Null's powers haunted them all as well, bringing them face to face with their own fears, as well as zombies of Christiansboro's dead. Gargoyle was faced with his own dead family, whom he felt rejected and scorned by, but ultimately regained his self-respect and attacked Null directly.

Gargoyle tried to use his life-draining powers agents Null but they had no effect, as Null was anti-life: he had no life to drain. Gargoyle quickly realized his mistake and reversed his strategy, pouring extra life-force back into Null, thus destroying him. Null's zombies went back to dust, and his ghosts were released back to the netherworld.

However for Null this was training exercise as he now knew how little he comprehend of life. So his next target was to take possession of a man, and he did so by housing himself in Adam, a bitter man. In Adam body he rampaged thought the Cherry Hills, Illinois, using his new powers to levitate people, shrink them and even overwhelm them with his mind until

Ghost Rider

show up. Ghost Rider blasted Null with Hellfire until he turned into energy and was about to crush Adam’s wife with a statue he pick up a semi-solid form until Adam confess his love for her and the positive emotions drove him away.

Null later found a pawn in the form of the


, who like Null was an aggregate of the minds of an entire race. The Overmind was insane, and living in the


in banishment after a confrontation with the


. Null brought him to Earth-S, the

Squadron Supreme

's universe. There, they took over, using President

Kyle Richmond

as a cat's-paw. The 616


ultimately intervened and beat them, along with six disembodied telepaths that were also from 616 Earth. The telepaths used their powers to bring all the Defenders and Squadron members together as one disembodied mind However, Null was very difficult to defeat; he was able to slowly break a shield made through the combined might of

Dr. Strange



, and the

Scarlet Witch

; was able to easily deflect a full-bore attack by the

Silver Surfer

; was able to drain the Overmind's power away from him for his own use; and was even able to successfully battle the combined spiritual power of the Defenders (including mystic and cosmic beings like

Daimon Hellstrom

, the Surfer, and Gargoyle) and the Squadron, plus the six telepaths, They ultimately defeated him by making him realize that he had some small amount of good inside, and used it to extinguish him from the inside.

Powers & Abilities

Nul is a mystic life-form created over time by the collective unconscious of members of the extinct race, S'raphh. He has an unlimited ability to manipulate the forces of magic for a wide variety of effects as followed:

  • Levitation
  • Intangibility
  • Inter-Dimensional Teleportation
  • Telepathy
  • Physical Malleability
  • Restoration of spirits to the physical plane
  • Illusion-casting
  • Reanimation and control of corpses
  • Possession of bodies of physical beings

Along with his Magic Manipulation he is capable of the following:

  • Shape Shifting
  • Psychokinetic concussion blasts

Nul also possesses enhanced stamina, durability, and intellect.


Nul is vulnerable to mystical forces controlled by specific beings such as Gargoyle and Ghost Rider.

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