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 Magik's Right-Hand Man
Nugent is a human that resided in the Bradbury Americana Hotel in New York City, home to a multitude of strange and fascinating mystical beings. He was instrumental in the creation of a database comprised of countless arcane lore that he intended Amanda Sefton to use in her new role as Magik, guardian of Limbo. The database, safely housed in Nugent's hotel room, would serve Magik in her battle against the plethora of evil forces vying for control of the Splinter Realms.    
When The Archenemy, the physical embodiment of the evil knowledge Magik and Nugent had compiled, manifested and threatened to destroy the Splinter Realms, Magik joined forces with Nightcrawler, Nugent, and the Lords Of The Splinter Realms to determine what exactly The Archenemy was, and how it had come into existence.
Magik learned that The Archenemy was the offspring of her very own magical
 Grim Reality
database and had evolved, traveling into the past to conquer the Splinter Realms, ensuring it's own birth at the same time. Magik instructed Nightcrawler to teleport to Nugent's hotel room, where he proceeded to destroy the database, effectively weakening The Archenemy long enough for Magik to destroy it with the Soulsword.

Powers And Abilities

  • Nugent was apparently a normal middle-aged human man. He
     The Bradbury Americana Hotel
    possessed vast knowledge of magic, and had an inhuman ability to create machinery designed to study, track, and compile supernatural data and arcane lore. Whether this ability is mutant, or merely an extension of his genius mind, has yet to be determined.

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