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Nudge was a metahuman on the road who found Grunt, a 4-armed ape-creature. Nudge was able to calm the beast and seemed to share a symbiotic bond with Grunt. The two worked at a circus for some time, until "The Chief" tried to recruit Grunt. Using her powers, Nudge was able to get the Chief to bring her along. Unfortunately, at Doom Patrol's base, Nudge was frightened by Negative Man, which caused Grunt to freak out. Grunt was captured, but Nudge didn't trust Doom Patrol so she stole a boat and escaped. She then ended up in the hands of the vampire Crucifer. Crucifer used Nudge's powers to hypnotize metahuman children into going to Crucifer's palace. At one point, Superman caught her capturing some metahumans and she was able to hypnotize him as well. Finally Nudge, regretting her previous actions, returned to Doom Patrol with Grunt, she gave the JLA and Doom Patrol vital information which helped defeat Crucifer. She also assisted in the battle against The Tenth Circle. After these events she decided to join Doom Patrol with Grunt.

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