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Nuala is a fairy who is given to Dream as a gift after he obtains the key to Hell. Although Morpheus never forces her to work Nuala spends most of her time cleaning the throne room of his palace. When her brother Cluracan travels to the Dreaming to ask Morpheous to let Nuala return to Faerie, Morpheus agrees, but first gives Nuala a boon to be used at her will. When she learns that Dream is in trouble she uses her boon to call him out of the Dreaming. However he reveals to her that to remain safe he needed to remain in his realm. Before he leaves he asks what her boon is. She tells him that she would have him love her. Morpheus can not do this, and after saying goodbye he returns to the Dreaming. Nuala then, after talking to her brother, decides to leave Faerie.

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