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Nuada was born in the Tuatha de Danaan area of Otherworld.  He is the older brother to fellow gods the Dagda and Leir.  He led the expedition to ancient Ireland thousands of years ago.  He led his people in battle against their enemies and current inhabitants of Ireland the Fomorians and their mortal worshippers the Fir Bolg.  At the First Battle of Mag Tuired he lost his right hand.  Now physically imperfect he was deemed unfit to led and gave up his position as king to his nephew Bres and eventually his younger brother the Dagda.  The god of medicine made him a silver prosthetic hand to replace his lost one.  Later, he took a mortal host and served as a king of Britain and fathered several other gods.  When his host died he tried to return to Otherworld, but his mortal host clung to part of his divine essence and that part of him faded into Oblivion.
In recent times, Nuada's former host came to believe it was the real Nuada and attempted to escape Oblivion by cultivating mortal followers.  His attempts were stopped by the Young gods with Nuada's divine part returning to the god.  


Nuada possess physical powers surpassing most other Celtic gods including superhuman strength of class 90.  His silver hand is far more powerful than his other hand with great punching and gripping strength.  He has some knowledge of druid magic.  
He owns the magic sword Claiomh Solais (Sword of Light) that burns with mystical energy and can cleave most substances.  He is a highly accomplished warrior.

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