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Nrin Vakil was one of several members added to Rogue Squadron three months after the Battle of Endor. He had a knight-like view of the galaxy, and wore an unusual flight suit filled with salt water, as he was a member of an aquatic race.

He initially came across as aloof, and seemingly enjoyed complaining. In particular, his Quarren heritage put him at odds with Mon Calamari pilot Ibtisam, as their races had long been bitter enemies. This came to a head during a ground battle on the planet Malrev IV, when Nrin seemingly fled combat. When he returned with his X-wing, Ibtisam came to the conclusion that she had been completely wrong about Nrin.

Ibtisam and Nrin would eventually start a full-fledged romantic relationship. However, it would be tragically cut short when Ibtisam was shot down and killed over the planet Ciutric. Devastated over the death his lover, he requested a transfer from Rogue Squadron.

After working for several years as a flight instructor, and flying occasional combat missions with other groups, Nrin returned to Rogue Squadron shortly after the end of the New Republic's war with Grand Admiral Thrawn. He played a major role in freeing prisoners from Ciutric.

Although he never forgot Ibtisam, the woman Nrin married was Koyi Komad, a Twi'lek mechanic working with Rogue Squadron.

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