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When the insane mob-leader and self fashioned Greek god Maxie Zeus needed agents to disrupt the 1984 Olympics, he contacted the mysterious arms and muscle dealer, the Monitor. Following with the orders, the Monitor contracted assassins for hire and outfitted them after chosen Greek and Roman archetypes. One of these assassins become known as Nox, who would embody the albino mistress of darkness. She was then made a member of Maxie Zeus' team, the New Olympians.


Nox and the rest of the New Olympians were created by writer Mike W. Barr, along with artists Bill Anderson and Bill Willingham. She first appeared in 1984's Batman and the Outsiders #14.

Major Story Arcs

The Olympics

Nox and her fellow New Olympians arrived at the Olympics to abduct athlete Lacinia Nitocris and convince her to be Maxie Zeus' bride. Batman and the Outsiders confronted them however, and Maxie Zeus demanded that the teams compete against each other in deadly Olympic style games to determine the fate of Nitocris.

Nox challenged Halo to a gymnastics contest. They were tied until Batman made his move to disrupt Zeus' plan and Halo had to incapacitate Nox with a flare of her yellow aura. Ultimately the Outsiders thus proved victorious over the New Olympians.

The Witch & the Warrior

When the evil sorceress Circe transformed all the male heroes of the JLA, JSA, Titans, and Young Justice into creatures of fantasy, Nox was among the members of a veritable legion of super-villains tasked to hunt the heroes down.

Thy Kingdom Come

The New Olympians went into hiding, and only resurfaced when they were all found dead in their subterranean hideout. Their death wound up being part of a murder spree perpetrated by Gog, who believed he had a preordained purpose in life to destroy false gods.

Powers & Abilities

Nox is able to fly and can emit a mysterious dark energy from her hands that she can manipulate however she pleases. However, her powers of darkness are weak to bright lights.

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