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Nowhere Man, or Mason, is the product of his parents attempt at creating a baby that the Omnimind could not read. Mason's father changed his mother's DNA so that she would bear a child that would be immune to the virus that connects everyone to the Omnimind.


Nowhere Man is the creation of writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Jeevan J. Kang.

Major Story Arcs

Chapter One

Nowhere Man/Mason is born on the island of Montag which is a location known as, "the Omnimind's blind spot". The people on this island are free to think whatever they want without fear of the Omnimind listening in to their thoughts. Mason's parents developed a way to give birth to a baby that does not contract the Omnimind virus. Nowhere Man lacks the signature facial tattoo that surrounds the right eye of all those under the influence of the Omnimind virus (although he puts fake patterns on his face so as not to alert anyone). These lines on their face act as an antenna that transmits the thoughts of the individual to the Omnimind.

After Mason is born, his father puts him through a rigorous training regimen to toughen and strengthen him. Mason learns at a young age, through cartoons, the purpose of the Omnimind and how it sacrifices a persons privacy for their own protection. The final test that Mason must pass is to make sure that he is actually immune to the Omnimind virus. In order to do this, Mason and his father boat out, past the confines of Montag, and Mason's father asks him to kill him. Mason's father longs to be with his wife again so it only made sense to him that the test be done this way. If Mason is under the influence of the Omnimind, it would sense the attempt at murder and prevent it. If Mason was free of the Omnimind's influence, nothing would happen. Mason strangled his father to death thus showing that he was immune to the Omnimind virus.

Mason travels to the city and meets a group of arms dealers that he hopes to purchase a bomb from. These dealers eat pain pills like they are candy because it creates static that makes it hard for the Omnimind to read them. They are suspicious of Mason and believe him to be working for Orion. One of these thugs spits on Mason and manages to smear his fake line patterns. Omnimind immediately alerts authorities that homicidal thoughts are being registered. Before they could arrive on the scene, Mason had killed the thug in self defense while plunging to the ground from the high rise building they were in.

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