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Most people have either read or heard about the ending of the final issue of The Thanos Imperative and are wondering about the future of marvel's cosmic titles. Nova, Starlord, and Thanos were "killed" by the collapse of the cancerverse. They also happened to have the entire power of the nova force and a cosmic cube with them so I know that they aren't dead. I'm just wondering how long they will stay in comic limbo. So far DNA have only announced a one-shot wrap up and a Rocket Raccoon & Groot miniseries. Even if DNA don't stay on as the writing team I will be pissed if marvel decides to just brush aside their two best titles aside and cancel their cosmic titles.
I just want to know what everyone else thinks about the future of marvel cosmic and what will happen next.

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I'm a little worried about the future quality of Cosmic Marvel. We've lost some of the core characters to appear throughout recent Cosmic events and I kind of worry that they'll focus too much on the, quite frankly, boring ones too much. 

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I don't think they'll be lost permanently, also along with the Rocket and Groot mini, Surfer is supposed to be getting his own title I believe and that was the key for the Thanos Imperative it was supposed to bring Surfer back into the main stream. Although I don't recall him really doing all that much, but who's to say, I was always a Surfer fan and I would pick up his title. Also the Cancerverse didn't collapse, everything just died, it was the Fault that collapsed. Characters like Reed and them are always opening portals to other universes I am sure as long as Nova and Starlord can stay alive against Thanos they both will get back as well. Or maybe Thanos will be the catalyst to bringing them all back.

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As long as DnA bring back guardians in any form I'll be happy.  I do like the super team that formed in Imperative as well (surfer, gladiator, ronan, etc.)   If that group gets an ongoing I'm def on board!  I've been wanting to see Gladiator consistently in a book since the early 90's X men dammit! lol

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There has to be more. As far as im concerned Cosmic Marvel is the best stuff that has come out of Marvel in the past three years. btw what about cammi? Drax needs to be revived. The end of Thanos Imperative was a mess. It saddens me. I really hope Marvel's cosmic universe gets revived.

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I have to say I´m disappointed by Abnett and Lanning. Sure they mde good stuff, but I still think that Annihilation or Annihilation Conquest were better stories than war of kings or TI.  DnA are bringing up these whole characters and they dissappear, I mean what´s about starstalker, he was in the nova series for merely two issues. What´s about Ravenous? Thanos just popped up and again he´s dead. Adam Warlock was cool and he´s dead too, the same with phyla and drax. Whats about maelstrom and oblivion? they were there for two issues in guardians. And also there are so many cool characters I miss, Firelord, Super-Skrull, ROM etc

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I would love for a follow up on Firelord.  
Well, it seems Nova (and the Nova Corps) are done for, for now. The Guardians of the Galaxy are no more as well. (According to Thanos Imperative: Devastation). 
The Annihilators starts next month, which should be cool since I like all those characters. The Silver Surfer is getting a six issue mini next month as well.  
There are so many Marvel cosmic characters that got the shaft recently, and even more that just are forgotten about. Thanos Imperative was hardly as good as I was expecting and seemed to be a waste for the most part. DnA could have done better. They really dropped the ball on that one.  

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I'm still waiting for in the Future for any cosmic events marvel and IDW will make a cannon crossover transformers marvel mini serise (5-6 issues)  basicly about galactus trying to stop unicron from destroying the universe and multiverse. Also waiting for LT to show up and defeat what ever new big bad guy show's up in the universe.

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@DevilmanEX said:
" As long as DnA bring back guardians in any form I'll be happy.  I do like the super team that formed in Imperative as well (surfer, gladiator, ronan, etc.)   If that group gets an ongoing I'm def on board!  I've been wanting to see Gladiator consistently in a book since the early 90's X men dammit! lol "
Same i think Gladiator is way past due to be in a title as a main character .
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@HellionVulcan:  Yea I wouldn't mind seeing a Shi'ar oriented book with Gladiator leading.  They could keep the latest incarnation of the starjammers in it as well.  I am super excited for Annihilators though.  The threats in that book are going to have to be epic to justify Gladiator, Surfer, Ronan, Quasar, and BR Bill to get their hands messy.  I hope they bring back Vulcan to beat on at some point.
I am going to miss the entire cast of Guardians though.  Every character had such a unique voice and skill set, it became the best team book on the market.  At some point DnA definitely needs to get those dudes and dudettes  back together.
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im hoping Nova does not stay dead for too long i really enjoy reading his comics

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 I think that it would be interesting to see a series where Nova's brother becomes Nova Prime and has to deal with the legacy and powers, and/or a series about the training of the remaining Nova Corps.

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I'm wondering  .. even if Nova is *dead* are they going to do something with  Garthan Saal  ?!?!

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It's stuff like this that really makes me hate the boneheaded editorial decisions that Marvel and their Distinguished Competition have in recent years.
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i am dissapointed  by marvels  lack of cosmic comics

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Given that Avengers Assemble is cannon, they reeeaaally need to explain how Thanos and Starlord got out of the Cancerverse, where the hell Richard Rider is and who the heck this Sam dude is that's replaced him as Nova. If Marvel just effectively just reboot their cosmic line by not explaining this I will be hugely pissed off. It would just be sheer laziness and lack of respect towards the fans.

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the future is Bendis

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Star Lord is meeting Thanos in GOTG #8.. They should explain it right when it ties into INFINITY

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