Screw this! Nova and Guardians to be canceled?

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Nova no more?
So the scifi based Marvel titles like Nova will got binned in favor of Siege, Dark Avengers, Dark Xmen, New Avengers, Dark Daken, Darker Avengers, Dark bla, Dark meh, Blackest blabla, Dark bla f-ing bla...excuse my french
So now that Siege Sales have taken a nosedive Marvel has come up with the bright idea of cancelling every title that doesn't have the name 'Dark' or 'Siege' on the cover and thereby forceilby make fans buy this arc to push Siege sales above DC 
Previous victims to this save Siege mentality, save Dark bla bla at all costs include great little titles like WarMachine


while Siege is only at the halfway point; it's as if Marvel itself can't wait for the series to be over yet.

It doesn't help, of course, that the series so far has seemed scattered, rushed and full of events that seem forced in order to help the plot along, and also seems to step on the toes of storylines within many titles it ties in with (Most importantly, Iron Man and Thor, both of which seem slightly out of sync with the series, although Captain America's rebirth was also pushed out of continuity thanks to an extra issue and need to be done before Siege began). Through no real decision of anyone involved, Siege has gained the appearance of an unexpectedly clumsy end to a story arc that's been running for years. The question now may be whether that's enough for fans to jump off the series they've been following, or whether the promise of bright new beginnings with May's Heroic Age will bring them back for more.



from io9"IGN Comics: Guardians and Nova were conspicuously absent from the May solicitations. Are they going on hiatus while Thanos Imperative operates? Can we expect them to return after the storyline resolves?Rosemann: Both Guardians and Nova--the titles--will indeed be on hiatus during The Thanos Imperative

  from an ign interview
This is just nuts, if we are lucky we will still have a Thanos cosmic title running. Basically all Marvel's cosmic/scifi line is in danger of being canceled because junk like Siege out sold it, but now that Siege sales got flushed and the Siege story flopped
Every other title is getting punished
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Cancelled?  All I read is Hiatus meaning break, suspension, interruption.  It means while Thanos Imperative is underway, those titles will be on vacation.

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i hope your wrong i do enjoy the marvel cosmos

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@eserrano05 said:
" i hope your wrong i do enjoy the marvel cosmos "
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after siege flopped, the COSMOS should be the thing for them to concentrate on, With thanos return and the Magus they have a great potential. Together with Realm of the kings. It is beyond me why they would throw away such an opportunity... after all, it seems to work for DC with Blackest Night.
You gotta fight Fire with Fire marvel. Sci-Fi, with Sci-Fi.

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It's not being canceled, it's called know like Blink 182, they went on hiatus and came back eventually.

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@geraldthesloth: actually I think the Blink 182 situation would more be paralleled by these Blackest Night one-shots, they were canceled, but years later after everybody put them in the past they came back...only to drop back off into obscurity
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@geraldthesloth said:
" It's not being canceled, it's called know like Blink 182, they went on hiatus and came back eventually. "
Exactly. The only time you should worry about the word 'hiatus' is when it's following the word 'indefinite'.
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note to self: don't like hiatus.

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I think what's going to happen is Abbnet and Lanning are going to focus on the Thanos Imperative.. which from what I can gather is going to be as big as Annihilation. You didn't have a Guardians of the Galaxy or a Nova title during Annihilation so I am guessing they are doing the same thing with TI.

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well that would be nice as well, maybe a new Infinity war?

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Nova and Gotg arent canceled. they are on vacation while they both continue in one book by
Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (you know, the people currently working on GoGt) called The Thanos Imperative which continues straight out of GoTg #24 and #25. Nova itself has been on the chopping block
for awhile now, despite what a fun read it is it has low sales, and the only reason for not enough people buy it. 
from the source 
@OhTru said:
" is in danger of being canceled because junk like Siege out sold it, but now that Siege sales got flushed and the Siege story flopped  Every other title is getting punished. "
? Siege is only halfway through, the sales are through the roof and the number one selling books
in Marvel Comics, and GoGt and Nova arent being canceled. I think your crystal ball is cracked. actually i think your just perpetuating your usual hate Marvel comics while you yourself arent actually reading them 
campaign and desperate plea for attention like always (i say this from the bottom of my heart of course). your made-up news threads should get scrapped so CV can conduct reliable honest business instead in my opinion. but to each their own, according to your own self, your allowed to like what you like, and the rest of us arent to read Marvel Comics. lame!
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Stop whining......

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Bummer, I was planning to pick up Nova after Siege....

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if they do  cancel Nova and GotG  or put them in vacation  iam done with comic book, thats all i read!!   plus the siege and the dark gimmick is really not that great....
 i am really  disappointed

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@Vance Astro said:
" Stop whining...... "
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By the time they done the thanos Imperative , a new ongoing silver surfer title will come out of it * fingers crossed *
...oh and I think GOTG and Nova will definitely be back after the event, there just on a holiday from beyond the stars lol

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Brad Walker confirmed its over

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Can we please lock this thread... Nova and Guardians are only being put on hold during Thanos Imperative. They'll be back bigger and badder at the end of this event, just like Annihilation.

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It is a disgrace that Nova and GotG sell so low. 
I mean crap books like X-Force are selling 60-70k a month. And Nova is barely getting 20k? Makes me sad :(

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i hope they merge marvel cosmos and marvel avengers more.  nova being a secret avenger is a step in the right direction.

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I'm worried that they will cancel Nova, just like Iron Fist when that title went on "hiatus"... 
If they do cancel Nova, I hope they will use him significantly in Secret Avengers.  Although, I'm not excited at the prospect of Nova being on earth.
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I really dislike the idea of Nova going away 
why does he not get the respect he deserves? 
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The comic is not canceled it was merged with Guardians to do the Thanos Imperative. Which is smart, they won't make as much in sales dropping two titles and only selling one, but you will sell more of the one title to make up for it. Plus it is a way to bring new readers into the Marvel Cosmos so characters like Nova, the Guardians, and the Surfer get a boost once more just like they got after Annihilation.

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Hmmm just like Black Panther was put on 'hiatus' for doom war, haven seen a solicit for it in the upcoming months even when it's over...

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