Nova's strenght and power

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Nova is said to have superhuman strenght, speed, endurance, stamina, agility, energy absorption and manipulation but at what level? How strong is he? How powerful is he? How much can he lift?

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Just my thought on this.
Well from the feats shown, he would certainly be classified as at least 90+ tonnes on the Marvel scale but with the potential to be class 100 (lift over 100 tonnes).
That would put him in to the same kind of weight class as the Thing and Colossus but with the potential to rise above them.

He seems to contain a lot more power than this however as he can realease massive amounts of energy.

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floowen trillions of times the speed of light can lift far in excess of 100tons and energy powers which near mach the silver surfer after galactus increased his powers in annialation  
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hes not as powerful as he should be. at the begining of Annihilation it looked as though he was gonna be way beyond herald lvl but that didnt last. the surfer walked all over him. now i would say his pwr lvls are somewere between thor and ms marvel. but closer to ms m's
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He hasn't got the full Nova force anymore does he? I remember during Civil War when he came down Stark was wary of him because he was so powerful. Class 9 he called him i think.

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