Just how fast is Nova Prime

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Speed feats. anyone

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@WorldmindNovaForce: just strait up speed no wormhole?
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Just what convinced you that the Battle Forum is the appropriate place to make this thread? :p
Nova Prime is probably one of the fastest characters in comics. That cat will come at you from light speeds and open a stargate on your head.

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there are a few feats out there

; ;


#5 Posted by WorldmindNovaForce (25 posts) - - Show Bio

@Illuminatus: because obviously, you can you speed in battles

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i have been wondering, and am totally asking this for the purposes of a debate..........can he move at FTL speeds without using stargates? i really don't feel like digging out issues from boxes. I though he could but remember somebody saying he couldn't etc......

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faster than light how ever on earth he travels around the speed of sound because a) he doesn't need to go that fast b) he could seriously damage the environment... that's what I heard

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