Awesome Toy Picks: Marvel Universe NOVA

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Every week we take a close look at a comic book collectible. That means taking it out of its package. There's been an occasional request to look at the 3 3/4" Marvel Universe figures. I've always been a little torn on these figures. The smaller size means it's easier to get more figures to add to a display or collection. But with the smaller size sometimes comes the sacrifice in detail. The price is also a little questionable.

This week we decided to take a look at Nova. This is the Richard Rider version.

It's no secret how we feel about Nova. Sam Alexander is doing a great job in the role but Richard Rider still holds a special place in our hearts. So of course when you come across this figure in a store, you'll have no choice but to pick him up.

The figure does include a "collectible comic shot." That just means a little piece of cardboard with a comic cover printed on it.

From that image, you can see this is the era from which the figure was modeled after.

Again, due to the smaller size, it's more difficult to include loads of detail. Still, they did manage to include enough to make it easily recognizable. This is Richard Rider.

This wasn't my absolute favorite costume but it did grow on me. In figure form, the extra pieces sticking out look a little strange but with all the articulation, you can move him around into different positions.

The fun part is gathering up different figures and just putting them together. If you've ever seen the display Hasbro puts up at SDCC, it's impressive. That's what's great about this line, pretty much every figure in the Marvel Universe is included. Because Marvel has so many great characters, having the opportunity to basically mix and match the different franchises is great. These figures may be small but you can do a lot with them.

That's it for this week. Let us know what you think of this figure or this line. We'll be back next time with another selection.

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This is my jam!

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I really dislike those small figures... they really don't look right. But to be fair, I am a statue collector and not an action figure guy, so for me bigger is always better.

Still, great article G-Man! As always! Every sunday morning, the first thing I do after I wake up is checking comicvine for the newest Toy Pick and its always there.

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Maybe I'm a bit biased with my dislike for Nova, but this is a pretty terrible figure. The buck is really nice, but all of the armor is made out of extremely cheap rubber. I only picked him up (just yesterday, strangely enough) to satisfy my ADD-like need to get a complete Marvel vs. Capcom series roster in this scale.

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@g_man: Oh tony you cheeky devil! *60's happy family generic theme song*

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Thanks G-Man, I'm looking to start collecting and these posts help a lot.

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Gotta love Nova! ^_^

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I got this figure a couple months ago and it's worth it.

Shame the newer figures don't come with a base but it's still a great figure.

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Ehhh.... There's quite a bit of parts on the figure that I don't like too much....

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I LOVE Marvel Universe figures! They just work better for me, I can collect a bunch of them and have them on display without them taking up a whole lot of space like the 6" Marvel Legends figures. I mean I'm not knocking anybody who prefers the Legends brand I just personally prefer these.

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I don't like 3.75" characters. I only get 6-7" figures. I just don't think they have enough detail and feel too flimsy. Well, except the occasional Star Wars figure but they only come in 3.75" (with very few exceptions).

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There's a lot of variation in quality in the Marvel Universe line: this doesn't look like one of their best, to be honest, although I might still get it because it's Nova.

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A the REAL Nova

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my favorite Nova costume

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