sifighter's Nova #8 - Chapter Eight: Infinity review

Like Mother Like Daughter, also something about New Warriors. Nova #8 review

Well with this issue of Nova we see Sam getting involved with the big Infinity event going on right now, however not in the way you might think. You see Sam is not flying off to new York fighting off alien invaders, no the fight is coming to his hometown of Carefree, AZ. Now this is a bit of a spoiler: Thanos becomes aware of Sam's presence on earth but because Sam is inexperienced he is really not worried about him at all but with still a little rage left over from Richard Rider and possibly the rest of the Nova corps for trying to kill him not to long ago he decides to send General Proxima Midnight's daughter, Kaldera, after him. Which is kind of sad in a way, Thanos doesn't even think Sam is that much of a threat to even send an army for him instead sending one person. But what are you going to do. As I said above the New Warriors show up, well I shouldn't say the new warriors. I should say Justice and Speedball who try to recruit Sam basically for the reason of they had a Nova(Richard Rider) so they might as well recruit another one. It's pretty interesting seeing these guys and their interaction with Sam. My only problem is the art, they look a lot younger then they should look. They look like teenagers instead of adults, however this is really only a minor complaint to an overall good issue. Overall its a great issue, setting up an interesting challenge for Nova next issue and also setting up future stories with the New Warriors, I can't wait for next issue.

P.S. Looking back on the issue Kaldera may have just been Proxima's Slave, sorry if I messed that up.

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Posted by danhimself

this read a lot better once I realized that I was reading Speedball with Bolin's voice and Vance with Mako's voice from the Legend of Korra

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