sifighter's Nova #7 - Chapter Seven: Away Game review

Spider-man is a !)@#$, Nova #7 review

Heh, you know the funny part is that Sam actually says that in this issue. Well actually he says "Wow. Spider-Man's kind of a !)@#$" but that's neither here nor there. So, this issue we see Sam go off to New York to become an Avenger and its next greatest hero; but that doesn't really happen. He runs into a bunch of heroes sees the sights and mainly runs into and follows Spock, who is a real jerk. He makes fun of Sam, belittles him for being 15, and even makes a Justin Bieber reference(which was kind of funny). However the great part about this two other Heroes who appear that offer a small look on what is happening in the future of this title. This is a great series and it is awesome watching Sam become a superhero and interact with the Marvel Universe, almost like rereading Miles Morales all over again. Over all this was a great issue and I can't wait for next months issue which is part of Infinity


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