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I'm out

I give all series at least 6 issues to prove they're any good. I'm not going to write Sam Alexander's black Nova corps is bad, but I am going to say its boring with a super typical story line. I had hopes for the new writer but mediocre just doesn't cut it with my comic budget.

The Loeb story arc is pretty cut and dry and bland. Sam Alexander has Daddy issues because his Dad left and never came back. Parents are really just a hindrance for super heroes, aren't they? Soon Rocket Raccon and Gamora pay him a visit and inform him he's the one. The odd part is he really isn't the one but the story is set up as a "the one" story. Its just awkward because its such an inconsequential character its difficult to buy into it, especially with it coming from Gamora and Rocket. They didn't have an ultimate nullifier when they infiltrated the phalanx on their suicide mission.

Issue 6 was... well I read the other night and can't tell you a thing about it. I'm out. Yeah, I'm a fan of Richard Rider the character and his exploits. No idea how long it'll take for Marvel to bring him back. I was hoping for some information on the character in the story but it was by no means going to make or break Sam's adventure for me.

The problem with a cosmic teenager is this teen has to go to high school and space. Hard worlds to balance. Other media like Persona, Runaways, Power Pack... these series worked because of the balancing of their worlds or anti-balance in Runaways case. Sam doesn't approach these problems. He has a Mom who occasionally speaks Spanish, a school that doesn't seem to actually matter to him or his story line, and characters more important than him telling him he's the one.

Other people seem to have liked this series but I'm out. At least Guardians of the Galaxy is still entertaining me quite a bit.


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