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Thor is not a Religion!

Got lots of reviews to catch up on so they will all be a bit shorter.

This was a fantastic series under Jeph Loeb it was emotional, fun, action packed and generally just a really good read from issue 1. After last issues was near perfect I don’t think anything is likely to top it for a while, and I doubt the new creative team will, but I’m always quite hopeful, and I liked both writer and artist.


Sam returns home after he is invited to join the Avengers, and asks Mum if he can join them, but she says no as it turns out he’s been away for two weeks, and she has been worried sick about it.


This was a good opener for the creative team, and it wasn’t going to be the best as it has to get all the details out of the way such as what has been happening since Sam went away, and Zeb Wells does a great job of making this issue a fun read from start to finish, as there is next to no action in the book, and it relies on character interaction, but it does in possibly the best way I have ever seen I laughed while reading this quite a lot. I still feel on edge about the new creative team, but it is a first issue, and it gives me some hope it’s going to be good.

The Good

  • · The covers got a good 1st issue type layout, but it looks good, and the breaking of the title looks good.
  • · As I said the character work is good in this book Sam is portrayed well like in Loeb’s run sort of cocky, but still good at heart, and trying to do his best. His Mother takes more of a role in this issue, and we find out more about her in this issue, and she becomes a really interesting character, and we learn a bit more about her relationship with Sam’s father, and that was an incredibly touching part of the issue, but in general she was really good in this issue. Sam’s sisters quite funny as well.
  • · There is one awesome double page in this issue showing all of Sam’s past as Nova.
  • · There are some neat jokes in this issue as well particularly one about Thor, and religion, and Zeb Wells did a great job with the humour in this issue, but I know his well known for humorous work.
  • · The jump in time is handled well, and the introduction at the beginning helps that so it doesn’t feel to jarring from last issue even though last issues ended, so that the jump made sense.
  • · There is a great scene with a bully, and his school mates in this issue that show how Sam shouldn’t be so cocky when fighting people, and the relationship with the girl at school that fancies him advances a bit. The scene with the principal of the school is also quite interesting as well.
  • · The art is really good not as good as Ed McGuiness yet, but Paco Medina hasn’t got to show off with action yet, even though that double page is impressive. Medina handles the facial expressions in this book really well, and his cartoony style works well like McGuiness’s art did, and it fits the story well. Nova looks really good even though Sam isn’t Nova for the whole issue and only the beginning and end Medina does a good job of making him look like he’s moving fast.

The bad

  • · It’s a little slow this is understandable as things have to happen before the story can get on properly, but it still feels a little slow even though just reading it for the character work is worth it.
  • · One page isn’t laid out well it takes a second to work out what was happening.


This was a good start for the new creative team, and its worth the read just for the character work in the book, and I think this book will continue to be as good as it was, but that joke about Thor was really good, also Superior Spider-man is next.

4 stars

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Posted by mdamasco

Great review and I'm totally digging Sam Alexander! A fine addition to the nova mythos. Can't wait for next issue!!

Posted by broo1232

@mdamasco: Thanks :) I am too love this series!

Posted by Cyclops4President

good review.

Posted by broo1232
Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Great review, I enjoyed this issue, and look forward to the next.

Posted by broo1232
Posted by johnkmccubbin91

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