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Nova #4 was definitely the most action packed so far. Loved how this kid is so stubborn he goes straight into battle and goes for the mother ship even though specifically he was supposed to scout. But hey, in my head it was a test. Action wise, it was okay, for him to run into Titus who was Sam's dad's best friend before he left the ship for Earth, we heard before the dad's story of what happened, and now we hear from Titus his story of the whole incident, which was interesting. But, for how elite Titus was compared to Sam, getting away shouldn't have been that easy. Not that he doesn't find him and the nullifier very quick anyways, but still. And out of all confusion, if an army that immense was coming to earth, Sam spoke of the Avengers. Maybe they'll help. An fleet of that size, you sure would think so. But anyways, for the fourth installment it was good. Not Great but definitely was interesting for sure.

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