twofacedjoker's Nova #12 - Chapter XII: Help Wanted review

Trouble On the Horizon

This issue has a lot more to offer than the last, but feels off in terms of what it's trying to accomplish or where it's focuses lie.

First off, the cliffhanger from the previous issue is practically brushed off in seconds. Not only that, but the villainous figure talks and acts completely different than before, which really threw me off. Was Duggan just trying to stir some interest for the sake of having a cliffhanger? It's kind of a rip off and unfair to the reader, in my opinion.

However, what we do find is a pretty fascinating scene that causes more questions than creates answers, and it's clear that the narrative wants us to question who we are to side with. Yes, it's pretty clear from the depictions of certain characters who we are meant to root for and who are the villains, but it's not overly in your face, for the most part.

It's good to see this little misdirection occur, though, as we see Nova is still learning the ropes and trying to figure everything out. He clearly wants to do good, but doesn't know how to.

The ending of this issue is interesting, and leaves me wanting to see what's next, so hopefully Duggan can strengthen his writing in these next few issues, or else I might be leaving on a galaxy wide trip away from this series in the near future.

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