sifighter's Nova #12 - Chapter XII: Help Wanted review

Uh-oh... that may have been a bad idea Sam, Nova #12 review

So, only two issues into Gerry Duggan's run on Nova and he's already in some deep trouble, both in space and at home. You see, what I love about this series is not only that Sam is a fumbling hero but also that he has some very serious life issues that are bubbling underneath the surface, such as him not being in school a lot, his families financial troubles, and now he's got another problem knocking on his door... Beta Ray Bill!(well, next issue at least). Not to spoil the issue, following Sam' attempts at locating the fallen Nova corps members he runs into a rather shady individual, Captain Skaarn. Accidentally believing him to be the good guy he helps save him and his "crew" from "pirates" and helps them along their way, without any knowledge of what he just did. Now, I know it may sound like Sam did something completely idiotic, which it was by the way, I have to say I can't fault Sam. He had good intentions, and I've seen heroes mess up this bad or even worse before such as Loki or Deadpool. In all honesty this type of story is very interesting to see how it helps Sam grow as a character. In all, I am very interested to see what happens next concerning Beta Ray Bill's vengeance and the fact that Sam's going to feel pretty horrible when this is all over. As for the creators, I have a feeling that Duggan is really trying to set some interesting concepts and problems for Sam to deal with in the future and I can't wait to see how he deals with them and we can't forget Paco Medina, who's doing a really great job on the art for this series. I give this a 4/5, and I can't wait for the next issue.


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