cuddlyplane's Nova #1 - Chapter One review

To Infinity and Beyond!

Going into Nova I wasn't sure what to expect. I was thinking maybe like a Blue Beetle kind of book or something along the lines of that. Nova starts off weak but once you realize that most of it right now is told from a father's point of view to a small child sleeping, it's actually pretty decent.

The Good: This issue sets up for a really good opportunity for a great character in issues to come. If you're a spiderman fan, or any character that has a sarcastic attitude, then you'd definitely like this character. The art is well done and flows with the dialogue.

The Bad: Nova, at first, starts off very weak and doesn't really grab your attention and can be hard to get over if you can't get past the bed time story aspect of it. This issue doesn't explain any of the characters at all or any origin of the Nova Corp. themselves.

The Verdict: All in all this is a fun book to read. If you're looking for another witty character definitely pick this up and you'll enjoy it. It may not be the biggest or best Marvel Now! title but is definitely not one to miss. 3.5/5


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