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A real surprise for me

Hey guys it’s me I’m back after my brief absence with another review hope you enjoy and it I’ll be doing more.

This was the Marvel now! Series I was most apprehensive about because well I didn’t like the mini story in the Marvel now Point one I thought it didn’t really introduce the character that well but I like to give things a second chance and I really like the cosmic side of Marvel.


A group of Nova’s break into a space station to rescue Rocket Racoon and Gamora, the Nova’s save them but they come under fire.

Sam Alexander helps his dad back home.


Okay I liked this issue much more than I thought I would Loeb doesn’t give you all the answers straight away but I never expected that Loeb had to establish a nearly completely new character and it isn’t possible to do that in one issue but Loeb drops enough hints and bits of information to keep you interested throughout. When I say this was good I had a problem or two but more on that later but let me say this and I will repeat this throughout DO NOT DISMISS THIS BOOK JUST BECAUSE LOEB IS WRITING IT!!!!!! This issue is one of the best things Loeb has produced in ages please don’t dismiss it isn’t Loeb doing his usual thing of fight, fight, fight and more fighting there are actual character moments in this issue and it is well done.

Half of this issue is devoted to the Sam Alexander and his family and half is set 15-17 years in the past with Sam’s father in the Nova Corps rescuing Rocket Racoon and Gamora. Loeb passes through both periods nicely not making it feel jarring and the amount of time with each scene is well balanced out. The scenes balance each other out quite well as the Nova scenes are heavy action with explosions and it is fairly dark and hard edged not overly dark but it does feel a darker than the other scenes. Yes this bit is sort of Loeb’s usual action styled scene but it isn’t silly action stuff (like punching the watcher sigh) and it is well done with some nice splash panels in it.

The other half of this issue is devoted to Sam’s backstory and his current life and well I am so happy Loeb did this he built Sam’s character up instead of throwing him straight into big action as Nova but establishes his character his family his life style and his problems and it is fairly compelling, although at first he may seem like a bit arrogant but after a bit you can see he is a nice person and is doing his best to do stuff right and it works into an interesting origin. There are a few elements that may seem a little familiar I.e. he’s bullied at school which was always going to happen as almost everything’s been done it still took a bit away but with him living a pretty bad life and what he does to help makes it feel fairly original altogether and it is all stringed together nicely overall so it isn’t confusing.

What makes this interesting is that Sam’s father was in the Nova corps and fought with some of them and that he tells stories about it and this adds an interesting element to it as Sam doesn’t believe it I’m interested to see how this will play out in future issues and how Sam will react to all the things that get thrown at him suddenly.

I’m really not buying the ending it feels a bit forced overall and while interesting I don’t buy it and it feels like something that has been before. I do like the possibilities it brings though as it links to his father’s past in the Nova corps and I like how it ties to another cosmic book that is coming out soon (that is a big clue).

The art is way better than in the point one story there is still the odd panel that looks a bit odd (one of Sam on skateboard the perspective looks a bit off) but it looks a lot more vibrant in colours and pencils than it looks less cartoony than before and Ed McGuiness fits this book very well with some very dynamic artwork on splash pages and good emotion portrayed on characters all in all it is a great job and I hope it stays like this.


This really surprised me I didn’t have high expectations for this but I hope if I have enough cash to pick up the next issue this is by no means perfect but I have never read a #1 that is truly perfect definitely try it out it’s a fun read.

4 stars

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Posted by blackkitty

My problem with this series is, I simply don't understand why we need a new Nova. I mean, am I expected to believe that when everyone falls into the Cancerverse, that Richard Rider is the only person who apparently can't make it back out again? This seems ridiculous. I mean, Thanos is reappearing, all of the Guardians of the Galaxy are there, so.... what happened to Nova? *sigh*

The book itself, no problems with it. It didn't wow me, it didn't disappoint me, it was an okay title.

Edited by johnkmccubbin91

I might try this series if it continues to get this much praise, but will probably wait for the tpb (due to budget). Good review.

I personally like Loeb's work, it's just that he's done some bad thins in the past, but also some brilliant things (Batman Hush leaping to mind)

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